Is your Kermit Chair not what you expected? No problem! We will refund the purchase price, minus shipping costs, to any customer not satisfied with their chair. To qualify for a refund, the chair must be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. Any costs associated with shipping a return are the responsibility of the customer. If the Kermit Chair is visibly worn or used, we will deduct a 20% restocking fee from your refund.

The Kermit Chair features a five-year warranty. This warranty covers any defects in workmanship and materials which may impact the function of the Kermit Chair. It also covers regular wear-and-tear. This warranty excludes damage caused by accident or abuse.

For warranty service, you’ll need to return the chair to us along with a brief description of the defect. The chair will be repaired or replaced as necessary and returned within one week. To start a warranty claim, please email us ( or give us a call (888-729-9836).

This warranty gives the purchaser specific legal rights, and the purchaser may have other rights which vary from state to state.

We provide inspection and repair services for all our products at a nominal cost. Please contact us for details.

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  • Yes, minor assembly (~1-2 minutes) is required to put chair together.
  • Same for disassembly
  • See instructions here
  • Once assembled, the chair will also partially fold for carrying or quick storage
  • The Chair is weight tested to hold 350lbs.
  • With the exception of cases of misuse/abuse, we do not tend to have any issues with Chairs breaking.
    • This is not always the case. Occasionally there will be an old Chair that could develop a weak part over time.
    • Our five-year warranty will cover any normal wear and tear or factory defects on our products.
  • It is normal for the Chair to creak a little when sitting in it. This is nothing to be alarmed about – it is simply the sound of the wood rubbing against itself and the hardware.
  • The Wide Chair has reinforcements over the screws that are most prone to breaking.
  • The Chair packs to 6” across x 22” long.
  • It will fit in many motorcycle saddlebags. Most riders will strap the Chair on the back with their tent or other gear. 
  • It will still fit easily into a trunk or the back of a car when simply folded – no need to fully disassemble.
  • The Chair frame is made of white oak, all locally and responsibly sourced in TN.
  • Metal hardware is aluminum and stainless steel.
  • The seat fabric is a durable and weather resistant 1000 denier coated nylon.
  • Very. The wood is double coated in marine grade polyurethane. It is OK to leave the Chair outside for short periods, but we do not recommend leaving it out all the time.
  • A fresh water hose down will do the trick to rinse off the wood and metal hardware. Please let everything dry completely before packing the Chair back in the bag.
  • You can clean most dirt off the fabric by using a stiff brush or a little dish soap and water. 
  • Absolutely! Just be sure to rinse the Chair with fresh water when you are done using it. If you don’t, the sand can build up in the metal parts of the chair and make it difficult to fold and assemble. 
  • As long as the Chair is properly cleaned after use, the materials will hold up just fine.
  • No, the Leg Extensions come in their own separate bag.
  • We offer a larger Kermit Chair Bag (sold separately) that will hold the Chair and Leg Extensions together.
  • If the brace gets loose, very slightly bend the metal piece that hold the extension onto the leg.
  • If walking around with your Chair with the Leg Extensions attached, hold the Chair upside down by the straight braces to prevent the extensions from falling off.
  • All Kermit Chair products are handmade in Nashville, TN the small town of Red Boiling Springs, TN
  • Learn more about our factory and our team here
  • Our offices and main production facilities are based in Nashville, TN.
  • We are not currently accepting tours at this time, but please contact us for further details.
  • Please contact us by email at or by phone at 888-729-9836 for further information.
  • Most repairs are covered by our five-year warranty, the exception being damage caused by improper use of the chair (such as standing on it or throwing it off a cliff).
  • All Chairs are a little tight right out of the bag. It will loosen up after it has been put together and sat in a few times.
  • If you live in a very hot and arid climate, it may help to spray a little bit of water on the fabric to help it loosen up before sitting in it.
  • Put the Chair in the sun for a couple of hours and the fabric may tighten, much like a boat cover. If not, we might need to send a new cover set.
  • Our website is the main place to purchase Kermit Chair products.
  • View list of domestic and international retailers here
  • Please contact us for a shipping quote for larger orders (6+ chairs)
  • We ship most US orders by UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail.
  • Express shipping is also available by request.
  • YES!  We ship all over the world by USPS. We offer a couple of shipping options that take different amounts of time.
    • Priority – 6-10 business days
    • Express – 3-5 business days
    • Please allow extra time, as packages can occasionally take longer to clear customs, depending on the destination.
    • All Customs fees and duties payable in the country of delivery are paid by the customer.

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